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Buy your Advertisement

Anyone can buy Collage space subject to Merrows Terms of Sale

There are a few terms and conditions.

  • Links and advertisements must be genuine and to sites which have real services and products, ie they are completely legal and do not cause offense
  • Advertisers must pay in full for all space
  • Links to adult sites cannot be accepted as some people find such sites offensive
  • Advertisers do not own any part of Merrows or Merrows assets
  • The Collage will remain live for the lifetime of Merrows
  • All sales are final and no refunds are available unless Merrows demands withdrawal due to a breach of policy. That would only happen if the nature of the advertiser's site changed. Then Merrows at its discretion will refund the payment
  • Normal Terms apply as set in Merrows trading terms
  • No warranty or guarantee is offered
  • Merrows is not responsible for sites to which Merrows links, or liable for them
  • A square is a block, and costs as advertised. It consists of 100 pixels.An advertisement is sold in 100 pixel blocks and blocks should be adjacent to one another
  • Advertiser images must be static only, supplied as a Flash object, or image (gif, jpg). Since the site has zoom, it is best to use detail
  • Linked sites from Merrows should be http:// only with no pop-ups on the home page or other unnacceptable advertising methods
  • An order is not valid until confirmed, and confirmation is subject to Merrows sole discretion
  • Payments are only taken by Merrows for Services actually rendered

Unfilled Space

Filler space is the space between a sold square and the internal edge of the Collage.

Space joining a square to the Collage edge will be filled with background colour - the same as the advertisement for the neighbouring sqaure - or the advertiser can use that space with no charge. Obviously, space outside the Collage cannot be used. The Collage consists of the space just inside the letters MERROWS. Also the actual letter outline of the Merrows word cannot be used.

To use filler space, the priority is as follows:

  • Squares to the left of filler space can fill squares to their right.
  • If no right squares exist, then the first column squares have rights there.
  • If no right or left squares exist, then the filled squares underneath take the filler space.
  • If no left and no right, and no underneath squares are there, then the squares above are used.
  • To summarise in order of priority, Square->Filler
  • Filler<-Square
  • Square UPWARDS TO Filler
  • Square DOWNWARDS TO Filler