Cookie Policy


A cookie is a small file held on your computer which holds details about your website activities. See also our Privacy policy.

The Data we Collect Cookies

Cookies are essential for the running of a website because they allow the website to understand the individual user and hence shopping carts, order processing, and wishlists all need cookies. We use cookies to collect data about your website activities such as the goods you order, and your wishlist.

How we use Cookies

We use cookies to build your shopping cart, and to process your order. Cookies do not contain name and address details, they only contain details of your access to our website.

Controlling Cookies

Browsers have options to control and delete cookies. You can delete the cookie we create after making your order. We do not hold a copy of the cookie and it is only read when you visit our website.

Accepting Cookie Usage

We need cookies to build a shopping cart. Hence if you do not wish to have a cookie created, you can send us an email and we can process your order via email. Use of our website will require the creation of a cookie.