This site is managed in two main parts: by brand name and by store. There is also a search engine indexing products. It is normally best to keep searches to simple words.

Search Boxes

The simplest way to search is by using the site's search engine which is indexed with hundreds of thousands of references. It is best to use 2-3 words normally.

Buying Guides

The site has star ratings, Value for Money, and an Outstanding Quality Mark to help guide buyers. The stars rate the quality and popularity. The popularity is calculated automatically and is a good guide to the rank of the product. These guides are designed to help make a better buy.


Products are grouped into stores, which list products by popular searches. These are just extracts from the site's search engine.


Using Brand menus is when you know exactly the product name. It is normally the least preferred method. But branded items are grouped so comparisons can be easily made.



Follow instructions on screen. Once opened use Account Logon.


Follow instructions on after Account Logon.