Merrows Affiliates

The company, Merrows Ltd, is pleased to offer an affiliate program. You simply need to link to an affiliate module at this site which records all affiliate visits. Please see Terms and Conditions for more details, or Contact Us. The commission is advertised by the page for a product for sale and various from time to time. For example the A389 page lists the commission paid when it is sold. All sales and commission are subject to Terms and Conditions. You dont need a website or web link, you can simply refer a person by phone, email, or in person. The program applies also to showroom sales.

The Merrows Affiliate Program

This is a program in which financial reward is based on linking to products at this site which are then SOLD as a result of the link and the subsequent visitors.

Joining the Affiliate Team

All Merrows account holders automatically have the right to be an affiliate. Once an account is opened, you just need to advertise the products and the sales are made via Merrows Ltd.

Setting up Links

See an example page showing all the link details. Contact Merrows for more details.

Tracking Sales

After account logon you can see a dedicated affiliate page detailing all the sales, see the image below for an example:

Will you make money?

Almost certainly yes, bathroom sales are growing very quickly on the Web. When Wolseley purchased it sent a strong signal just how important the Web is seen to bathroom sales. Wolseley is one of the bathroom giants. People are now buying goods worth thousands of pounds in bathrooms from websites.