Taps for your new Bathroom

The world of taps is large and interesting. Taps are classified as modern or traditional, and today most sales are in modern taps. Taps are usually made from solid brass as brass does not react with water so is safe to use.

Merrows sells the major branded taps and anyone buying these items should be delighted with the purchase. Most of the taps are available at this link: Modern Taps, which includes the well known Hudson Reed ones.

In modern bathrooms, Monobloc mixers are becoming the most popular. For these you need a basin with just one hole drilled in it, unless the mixer is wall mounted.

Zucchetti is one of the more modern and up market lines sold at Merrows; customers have been delighted with this product line. A similar product line to Zucchetti is Steinberg.

Ceramic Disks

One of the biggest changes in the entire industry is the widespread use of ceramic disks, which almost never wear out. These disks allow the tap to work on a quarter or half turn basis unlike the old screw down ones which involves five or more turns to open the tap. Ceramic disks sometimes get a bit of dirt in between the disks which causes dripping. This can be dislodged by opening and closing the tap several times.

Tap Maintenance

A common question is about maintenance of taps. The only thing that can really go wrong is a cartridge failing. Cartridges can be replaced easily and non-thermostatic ones are not expensive.

Traditional Taps

Marflow does a good range of traditional and modern taps. The St James range as always been popular for traditional taps and showers. Other popular lines have been Samuel Heath and Barwil.

Contemporary Taps

These market has grown considerably in choice during the last ten years and has seen a high growth of designer taps and showers.

Deva has done well in this market as has Eurobath.

Water Pressure

Several taps need a high pressure and this should be checked at time of ordering. The water pressure of a plumbing system will be low if gravity fed (most common), and then a pump should be fitted. Some systems are pressurised.