Bath Shower Mixers

One item of brassware which is interesting is the bath shower mixer. The Bath Shower Mixer (or BSM) allows a bath to be filled and also has a shower.

The commonest use of these in the post war period was to build two functions cheaply and hence they were used in a lot of low cost bathrooms. More expensive bathrooms used a concealed or exposed shower with a separate filler. The filler could be a waste overflow filler, a bath spout, or an actual mixer. One reason is that historically bath shower mixers were not thermostatically controlled, and the entire bathroom safety aspect of taps and showers now demands thermsotatic fittings on most new bathrooms.

However, in recent years there have been developments in both technology and market demand which has seen a small surge in the use of bath shower mixers in up market bathrooms, especially as thermostatic mixers have been becoming more common.

Another market has been the old traditional riser market which used a bath filler connected to a riser and shower. These fittings are specialised and usually only for a very discerning traditional bathroom.

Traditional Bath Shower Mixer and Riser

Hollys of Bath do a Bath Shower Mixer with Riser which is sold at Merrows. This traditional design is how the Victorians used a bath shower mixer. This is available as a thermostatic mixer too. Barber Wilsons also do one: Bath Shower Mixer with a riser which is sold at Merrows.

Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer

In the last 2-3 years more of these have entered the market, and today Deva, Inta, as well as Hollys of Bath do them. This Search at the Merrows site lists them.

Wall Mounted Bath Shower Mixer

This is aimed a stylish bathroom and these fittings normally need a higher pressure of water to work. Again the Search has a list of them. The Hudson Reed and Eurobath ones have been popular.

Bath Shower Mixer Store

Here is the Bath Shower Mixer Store at Merrows.